What is K-Love?

What is K-Love? It’s an amazing contemporary Christian music radio! K-Love is simulcast on over 440 FM stations across the country and is operated by the Educational Media Foundation. They are listener supported, which means they don’t bombard you with commercials like most radio stations.

Encouraging Music

What I love about K-Love radio is that you are always listening to positive and encouraging music that is acceptable for the whole family to hear. Many times I have been listening to K-Love and the perfect song came on at just the right time to encourage me through a rough situation.

The music is very uplifting. And contemporary. The musicians are very main stream and exceptionally talented. I often have K-Love on in the car and my friends don’t notice the difference between the style of pop radio and K-Love!

Positive Messages

K-Love also has positive messages, stories and even a verse of the day. Not only do you get awesome music, but food for thought to help strengthen your relationship with Jesus. I listen to K- Love at work on my computer, through their website at www.klove.com.

Strengthen Your Faith

As an extra bonus, K-Love also has pastors on staff. You can call and talk directly to a pastor or email them a prayer request. Their website also has online tools to strengthen your faith and answers to many of life’s questions.


If it’s all about the music, you’ll want to check out K-Love’s website for resources on the artist’s featured. You can even look up lyrics. And of course there’s info on concerts and fun events. Plus, K- Love has an app so you can listen right on your smart phone!

To find a K-Love station near you, go to their website at www.klove.com. You’ll be glad you did! It’s a wonderful way to spend time with the Lord!

article by Linda Miller