Psychics, spirit guides, and New Age teachings were just the beginning of Linda Miller’s spiritual journey that began as a young woman in search of answers to unexplained, paranormal events in her life. Researching the supernatural, consulting psychics, and contacting spirit guides were all stepping stones on a very dangerous path. Then one incredible day, Jesus literally appeared with a special message that changed her life forever. Read this fascinating true story that includes multiple Jesus encounters and discover that:

Jesus is alive today and He loves you

How to have a personal relationship with God

The hidden dangers of the psychic world

Over the Crystal Ball is a wonderful inspirational story that is sure to uplift you and strengthen your faith in God. Start your own spiritual journey today!

Written by Linda Miller

Author’s Note – “Why God chose me to experience Him firsthand is a mystery; I’m just an average, everyday person like everyone else. I was reluctant to tell my story, but realized it could change lives and reassure people Jesus is for real. He is a good God and loves us beyond measure!”

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Over the Crystal Ball by Linda K. Miller – YouTube

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