The Ark Encounter Review

 Calling All Aboard!

Looking for something different to do for your next vacation? Why not plan a visit to the Ark Encounter! Located south of Cincinnati and north of Lexington off of I-75, I recently journeyed there and what I saw was truly amazing. We started our adventure on a comfortable shuttle bus up to the Ark. Our first impression was simply, “WOW! This thing is Huge!” It’s overwhelming to be able to see in person exactly how large this ship really is. It’s the largest timber frame structure in the world measuring 510ft long, 85ft wide, and 51ft high!

You’ll be amazed!

Once inside the Ark, we found three floors of fun, educational exhibits that answered many questions about:

  • How many animals were on board
  • How Noah and his family cared for the animals
  • How long they were on the ark
  • How they had good air ventilation and light
  • How they stored food and water
  • How they disposed of waste

Lots to See at the Ark Encounter!

There were also videos featuring interviews with a Noah character and wonderful exhibits on:

  • The Pre Flood World
  • Noah’s Family
  • Living Quarters
  • The Impact of the Flood
  • Why the Bible is True

We also saw a gigantic door that the animals would use to enter which is a good place to pose for selfies! Plus- a detailed model of the ark and a wonderful exhibit on loan from the Museum of the Bible.

The Ark is Easy to Get Around

Getting around the Ark was a breeze. Instead of stairs, they thoughtfully built ramps in the center of the Ark, which are much easier to use when going between different floors. They also have elevators, bathrooms, and places to sit located in various places.

There’s more!

Also on the grounds of the Ark Encounter for your entertainment are:

  • A small zoo
  • A petting zoo
  • Camel and donkey rides (for a modest fee)
  • A zip line (for a fee and reservation needed)
  • A fossil find (for a modest fee)

Shopping and Food

And don’t forget to visit the gift shops! We did and found the prices to be very reasonable. If you plan on making a day of it, the Ark Encounter has a restaurant called Emzaras Kitchen with a large buffet. There are also food stands with delicious edibles like sandwiches and ice cream! (We didn’t eat while we were there, so I can’t honestly say how the food was, but if they put the same amount of care into the food as they have the rest of the place, I’m sure it’s fine.)

Plan Your Trip Today!

Overall, I would definitely give The Ark Encounter a big two thumbs up! The people were friendly, the whole place was clean, we learned a lot, and the opportunity to see the Bible come to life was well worth the trip! I highly recommend it!

For more information about the  Ark Encounter, visit or

Article written by Linda Miller.