Show Them Jesus Book Review

Show Them Jesus is a must have book in your library if you are involved in Children’s Ministry! This helpful resource is filled with practical information that will inspire you to teach the Gospel and include Jesus in every lesson. Perfect for Sunday School teachers, volunteers, preachers, and parents!

Show Them Jesus is approximately 200 pages divided into 11 chapters. In the first section, Jack Klumpenhower explains why teaching the Good News is so important and gives ways to get started. In the second section, he shares what he’s learned about how to show kids Jesus and gives many tips and ideas to help in the classroom.

Jack Klumpenhower has many years of valuable experience as a Bible teacher and writer of curriculum. His writing is easy to read and educational as well as entertaining. His love for Jesus and the children he teaches is evident in the pages of this book.

This is one of my favorite books on teaching Sunday School. I have purchased multiple copies and shared this treasure with my Pastor and other teachers. It is time well spent and I thoroughly recommend it!

Review by Linda Miller