Healing Promises by Joseph Prince Book Review

Healing Promises

I can’t say enough good things about this little book by Pastor Joseph Prince. If you are dealing with any sort of healing promises by joseph princehealth issue or just want to know the healing promises of the Lord, I strongly recommend it. Originally published in 2012, it contains 250 pages of encouragement and God’s healing messages divided into five chapters. Included are:

Chapter 1 God Wants You Healed

Chapter 2   Jesus Is Your Healer

Chapter 3   Freely Receive Your Healing

Chapter 4   See His Grace And Be Healed

Chapter 5   Rest In The Finished Work

Joseph Prince’s message is not about what you must do to be healed, but resting in the grace of the Lord who wants you healed and has done everything for you so you can receive His healing.

Easy to Read Format

Healing Promises is very easy to read with Bible verses on the left page and Pastor Prince’s wonderful corresponding comments on the right page. You can open this book up at any page and just read at random or start from the beginning and read it straight through. There are also a few helpful prayers included at the back of the book.

I keep this book nearby and refer to it often, especially on days when I need a little encouragement and reminder of God’s love and desire to see us well. I usually have extra copies on hand to give to others who are struggling with their own health issues. Because of its smaller size, 4.8 x 7 inches, Healing Promises is a gem to give as a gift.

About Joseph Prince

Pastor Joseph Prince is the Senior Pastor at New Creation Church in Singapore which has over 30,000 in attendance. He teaches the gospel of Grace and his uplifting sermons always point to Jesus. He has many teaching resources at his website at http://www.josephprince.org/ and the schedule for his television ministry as well.

Article by Linda Miller