Create a Christian Garden Sanctuary

Spring is a great time of year to spruce up your garden or patio with a fresh, new look. Why not consider making a special area for yourself where you can relax and reflect on God’s love for you? By adding a few, simple items, you can create a mini sanctuary in no time!

Add a Comfortable Seat

I love a good rocking chair or glider, but any outdoor chair that’s comfy will do just fine. Add a few pillows or cushions to make it cozy enough for Bible study or an afternoon nap!

Bring in a Small Table

Don’t forget a small side table to set your book or refreshing beverage on.This can be made from anything that can withstand the weather from an old plant stand to stacked wooden crates.

Flowers Flowers Flowers

Container pots filled with your favorite flowers perk up any area with a boost of color. Different size containers can add interest and fill in any bare nooks and crannies. Choose flowers with a lovely fragrance for a wonderful, calming effect.

Accent with Décor              

Using décor like flags or stepping stones is another way to add reminders that God is with us. I discovered a line of Christian garden products by a company named Carson on Amazon that offers a nice variety of different garden décor items. Their products range from flags to stones and statues at reasonable prices.

amazing grace wind chime


Wind chimes can also add a beautiful element of sound to your garden get-away. I      found these inspirational wind chimes also by Carson with messages printed on  them like Psalms or Amazing Grace that would be perfect for any outdoor retreat.

Don’t Forget the Birds

What outdoor sanctuary would be complete without a birdfeeder? Watching the birds is a peaceful stained glass bird feederand relaxing pastime. These beautiful mosiac glass birdfeeders would be an elegant addition to your secret spot.

Taking time to create a special garden retreat is well worth the effort for your spiritual growth. Having a designated area to read the Bible or just spend time with God is a great way to strengthen your relationship with the Lord and rejuvenate yourself. Get creative and have fun with designing your unique hide-away!

 article by Linda Miller